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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  ABC  October 30, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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>> in the insurance industry it is the death spiral not enough healthy people sign up to pay for the sick. premiums have to go up. >> the rates are getting such that people are saying i'm simply not going to have health insurance. >> it was supposed to provide affordable insurance for everybody. >> it is likely they are now paying about double what they paid before. under the old market where only healthy people could get in. >> this is the electrical grid 55,000 substations pushing power to 200,000 miles of high vonage transmission lanes. security experts call it a target waiting to be hit. >> what should be happening that is not happening. >> we should be preparing for
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>> in 2005 hurricane katrina devastated parts of louisiana, mississippi and alabama. americans poured out their hearts in the form of donations and ex-presidents george h.w. bush and bill clinton joined lands. >> the idea there are discrepancies. >> the millions who donated and00's of thousands of poor people deserve to have a full discrepancies. >> the accounting. >> welcome to "full measure." i'm sharyl attkisson. in the past three years
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health insurance it millions of low income and paying for millions more at taxpayer expense. but it is no secret for many others premiums have skyrocketed and benefit declined as. this week the obama administration revealed premiums will rise an average of 22% next year in arizona the cost of some plans will increase 116%. with enrollment for 2017 beginning tuesday we condition leaving a dire outlook for the nation's health insurance system. >> virginia health insurance broker helps match customers with the right policies. >> it is not working. >> a task that is much tougher under obama care. >> your average person who makes $30,000 to $35,000 can't afford a $10,000 deductible and out of pocket higher.
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affordable. >> she says obama care has been especially hard on her mother who was not offered insurance at work. >> she personally had to purchase her plan through obama care and she has diabetes and her plan -- she can barely afford it. they call it the affordable care agent but it was the opposite for her. >> i told them not to call this the affordable care act. >> the obama administration. the democrats, >> robert the policy advisor for the insurance industry is correctly predicted obama care's pitfalls since day one. >> the future is not good. the fundamental problem is not enough healthy people signed up to pay for sick and not enough healthy people signed up because the insurance plans people are being offered are not of good view r value.
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>> the insurance products consumers see are too expensive in terms of premiums and deduct believe and co-pays are too high. >> can you explain in simple terms how the insurance companies are losing so much money if they charge so much for premiums and deductibles are so high. >> it is simple. if you only provide a plan that sickest people buy you can't charge enough. you can never charge enough. >> the rates are getting such that people are saying i'm simply insurance and i will pay the penalty because i simply can't afford the premium and i will take my chances of beingen insured and paying the penalty, which defeats the purpose of the affordable healthcare act. >> she is lucky to have good insurance through her teaching job. she knows others facing a hard reality. >> if you are working for a city job you have healthcare.
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pizza place or a retail center, it is expensive for them to give you quality health care. >> it is expensive say experts because nearly all of the government plans have back fired. take the abysmal fair of the obama carrico ones 23 nonprofits started with your tax dollars after being exorbitant salaries they went >> there were 23 and 17 have gone broke. >> that is our tax money? >> about $3 billion when it is all over jurisdiction for profit companies are jumping ship. >> aetna, humana, some blue cross plans a number of blue cross plans losing substantial amounts of money and having to go after major rate increases. >> earlier this month obama care critics were surprised to hear
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source. president clinton on the stump for hillariment >> you have this criticize system where 25 million more have healthcare and people busting it offensive hours a week have premiums doubled and coverage cut in half. it is the craziest thing in the world. >> the white house declined or interview. last week the president acknowledged obama care's troubles but said the signature plan can be fixed instead of scrapped. like a smartphone that w >> think about it. when one of these companies comes out with a new smart phone and has a few bugs. they fix it. they upgrade unless it catches fire then they pull it off the market. >> but the president continued to call the affordable care act one of his administration's key successes. >> because of became care
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know the financial security of health insurance. so do another three million children. the net result is never in american history have the uninsured rates been lower than it is today. >> is it true that more people have health insurance today as a result of the obama care plan? >> it is true more people have health insurance because of obama care particularly because of the medicaid expansion in 31 states that have taken it. >> by the options available in the u.s. compared to where he comes from in the philippines. >> i'm thankful that we have it. >> obama care has also opened up affordable insurance to many with preexisting medical conditions. illnesses that once made it impossible for some to get affordable insurance. >> a lot of people were able to get insurance that couldn't get it before because they had preexisting conditions. i suppose in some respects that
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unfortunately these preexisting conditions which are not looked at any longer have caused insurance rates to go up at catastrophic rates. it is called the death spiral. not enough healthy people sign up to pay for the sick. premiums have to go up. so more healthy people drop the insurance premiums for those left have to go up again. >> the lowest income people in obama care they get the highest subsidies and deductibles are subsidized. the lowest 82% signed up that is a terrific pool. but then if you look at the people between 300% an 400% above poverty only 17% of them signed up. so i think part of the program is in a death spiral already.
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governor backed off his support of obama care after stick are shock cases like one family of four learning they will have to pay $40,000 in premiums with $13,000 deductible. the reality is that the affordable care act is no longer affordable. >> at the core it was supposed to provide affordable insurance for everybody who needed it. >> yes. the affordable care act was supposed to ensure that whether you were employed, unemployed, self-employed you would have access to affordable health insurance. for someone who is not getting a subsidy, who is paying the full cost of insurance, it is likely that they are now paying about double what they paid before under the old market where only healthy people could get in. >> any time you make people spend their money on something it is pretty tough.
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place where we can be told we have to spend that many hundreds each month especially if you have multiple people and it is a huge 1kr50eu6r. >> experts say obama care is already a failed experiment and predicts without a major fix it will implode by the ends of next year. still ahead could the u.s. power grid be russia's next target? >> what should be happening is
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>> the next president is likely to face the real scenario of the first shot in a cyber war. one pension target the grid some say that attack has already begun. lisa fletcher has the story. >> this is the nation's electrical grid, 55,000 substations pushing power to 200,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines lighting up 125 mill countries. cybersecurity experts call in a target. waiting to be hit. >> one hacker that is is adequately skilled can cause infinitely more damage than a bomb. >> john miller is the chief research offer for silence. he used to get paid to hack critical infrastructure like banks an nuclear power plants to find the vulnerabilities before the bad guys.
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causing damage to a power plant or pipeline or the transportation industry will create a ripple of destruction. >> miller says an intentionally outage by an enemy state or rogue hacker is not an implausible scenario. on december 23, 2015, hackers took down the power for nearly a quarter of a million people in uk been widely blamed on russia. >> let's talk about the hack in the christian. your suspensions of -- swugss of -- suspicions of why that was done. >> for all intents and purposes it was russians. it is pretty commonly recognized it was a proof of escape. we can talk about hacking stub takes an take down power the
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you do it. >> you look at what happened in the ukraine and in december of last year everything that happened there could happen here. >> joe is an expert on the automated systems that control everything from dams to substations. he spent his career studying how the electric grid works. >> you have the transformer and you have the relay house and this is typical. >> he says substations like this one are all over the vulnerable to hacks than the utilities care to let on. that is because wise and others say nations like china and russia have already infected the u.s. power grid with the very same destructive malware in ukraine. while it hasn't been triggered there is no way to remove in. >> what does that mean that black energy malware is in the grids? >> it is a way of mapping
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what it is saying is whoever put it there knows precisely what is in our grids. >> michael rogers who runs both the n.s.a. and u.s. cyber command raised the same concerns. >> it is only a matter of when not if. you are going to see a nation state or group or actor engage in destructive behavior against critical infrastructure in the united states. >> are the governments and utility companies prepared for the kind of outage you >> i don't believe so. the reason is that it could be very widespread and it could be very long. >> as long as nine to 18 months he says. >> what does that look like? >> it would be like going back to the 1850's. >> but the utility industry trade association has minimized the threat of a cyber hack. the executive director scott aaronson was in front of the senate homeland security
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the grid and we say from squirrels to nation states and there have been more as a result of squirrels than nation states. >> jerry cawley head of the regulatory association testified in april that an outage would be minimal. and the industry is ready for it. >> in the unlikely event of a successful cyber or physical attack i believe that we are well prepared. >> it is ludicrous for the power industry to maintain have secured the power grid. the russians are already inside in and the chinese are inside it. >> ted is the author of lights out a book that specimens out the risk and how unprepared the government is to deal with it. >> since the book came out you have been the brunt of a lot of push back from critics. a lot have said the dangered you
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why would they say that? >> that's what critics do. it depends on who the critics are. i don't think you will find that there were many critics in the intelligence community. i don't think you will find that there are many critics in the military community. the krgts tend to come from the electric power industry. and from their organizations and of course they are going to criticize it. they don't want the american public to believe that the power grid is in danger. so would argue that i'm wrong and they are right. >> some experts in the industry have said no need to worry. security is better. we have our arms around this. do we have our arms around this? >> no. i think it is pretty obvious that we don't. >> why do you think there's not more of a sense of urgency to fix the systems? >> people don't have the answers on how do you it.
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neglecting to take care of them. the entire system essentially needs to get rebuilt and replaced. >> something that can't happen overnight making koppel and others wonder where is the government's sense of urgency. >> what should be happening now that isn't happening? >> we should be preparing for the consequences of a devastate ing cyber attack. companies and they said unlike other countries we have tremendous variability among the 3,000 plus electric kwraoulgts in the u.s. and they say that in essence makes it much more difficult to take it down at once. sounds like the inconsistencies may work to our advantage. next we follow the money and track hurricane katrina next we follow the money and track hurricane katrina donations fios is not cable. we're wired differently. next we follow the money and track hurricane katrina donations
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>> new york attorney general eric schneider man a clinton supporter opened an investigation into donald trump's charity the trump foundation and ordered it to stop raising money in new york because it is not registered there. i had a chance to ask trump about it. >> are confident that the trump foundation has followed all charity recall rules and laws? >> i hope sofrplts my lawyers do it. we give away money. i take no salaries or any costs. i have zero costs. a lot of foundation into calculators. doesn't go to me. >> the trump campaign says it is cooperating with the investigation. the clinton foundation raeulgs under fire for allegedly taking millions from donors to influence hillary clinton's secretary of state but she denies it. e-mails published by wickileaks show some interviewees told auditors defends may have an expectation of quid pro quo benefits for gifts. meantime there are questions
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>> in 2005 hurricane katrina one of america's deadliest devastated parts of louisiana. mississippi and alabama. americans paourtd their hearts in the form donations and george w. bush and bill clinton joined to raise funds. >> the best way to help now is to make a cash donation. >> what most people don't know is bush clinton katrina fund had not been set up as i.r.s. rules so they temporarily differeded them and held them in their own existing charities. president bush's greater houston foundation and the clinton foundation. three months after the storm in december of 2005, president clint announced more than $110 million were raised and money still coming in. but when the official katrina fund was set up ledgers show the president's charities
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$52.3 million from bush and about half that from the clinton foundation. $27.4 million. that is over $30 million short of what clinton said had been raised. the bush charity said that is because a lot of donations had not been collected more than four months after they were announced. the charities haven't released records showing how much came in and from home citing donor privacy. a tax expert and former senior counsel who conducted oversight of calculator finances. >> what are the questions you would like answered? >> the question questions are -- key questions are complete accounting of all the money you got. one rule for charities but when you are a charity run by presidents and the president calls on people to donate it is belt and suspender time. you have to be doing it right because it reflects on
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>> there's another apparent discrepancy in the clinton foundation 2005 annual report. it says approximately $128.4 million had been received to date from all 50 states and $30.9 million from foreign countries. that is about $160 million. but according to tax documents only $129 million ended up in the katrina funds. >> the clinton foundation declined or clarify issues. a foundation source previously told me there's no money missing but its annual report probably could have been characterized differently because the wording made it seem like there were $30 million than was actually collected. >> the idea that there are what appear to be discrepancies absent some other explanation doesn't mean anything nefarious happened but does it tell you anything about a charity? that they could be off in $30
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reports to the public? >> it doesn't make me more confident about what is going on but it could be people are not perfect around he get that but it goes to a core point i think that the folks who donated and the hundreds of thousands poor people at the end of the day and thanks to your reporting they deserve to have a full accounting be from g.a.o. or congress of what happened with the money so there's no question or uncertainty. >> as faas ended up $40 million to louisiana, mississippi and alabama for recovery and $30 million to colleges and $20 million to churches.
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>> next week's program is two days before election. been a long negative battle for the white house. next week we take an entirely different approach. we go to the home turf the hillary clinton and donald trump to find friends and family had may the candidates for president. >> people sometimes say admission is a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. i think her ambition is to do good and i have never doubted that. >> a lot of people underestimate him and i can tell you they have been wrong a lot more often than not. people have lost a lot of money underestimating my father. >> we will follow the money to
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from washington dc at around the world, this is government matters with francis roads. thanks for watching the weekend edition of government matters, featuring the stories that workforce, security, industry. government matters is the only store exploring trends in the federal community. i'm coast, francis rose. ?. in the last several years, cost explosions and delays played some of the largest medical facility developments at the department of veteran affairs. the eight inspector general reports, congressional investigations, and agency


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